Yamaha PSR 950 Styles (part 4)

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Here is a new package with 10 free styles for the Yamaha PSR 950.

Even if these styles are tailored to be used with the PSR 950 keyboard, yet they are expected to be compatible with all recent models of Yamaha’s PSR Series keyboards, as well as older Tyros models and the newest Genos.

However, minor adjustments to instruments may be necessary if a style sounds “strange”.

Listed below are the contents of the package:

  • 6/8 Slow Rock
  • 6/8 Orchestral
  • 8 Beat Ballad
  • 50’s Pop
  • 70’s TV Theme
  • Acoustic Jazz
  • Adventure Fantasy
  • Analogyst
  • Bailamos
  • Barry Dance
Yamaha PSR Styles, PSR Latin.PSR Free Styles
Yamaha PSR S950


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Click HERE for more PSR 950 Free Styles

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