Generic Song-Styles for Yamaha arrangers

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Here is another pack of 10 generic free song-styles for Yamaha arrangers.

These styles should work on all Yamaha arrangers models, especially newer ones like Tyros, Sx series and Genos, however some instruments may sound bad and adjustments may be needed to remap bad sounding instruments.

List of the the archive content:

  • Another day in paradise
  • Conquest of paradise
  • Johnny be good
  • Lady Madonna
  • Money for nothing
  • Rhythm divine
  • Susanna
  • Video killed the radio star
  • Volare
  • Winner takes it all
Yamaha arrangers


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2 Replies to “Generic Song-Styles for Yamaha arrangers

  1. beste,
    bij het openen op de pc geeft deze als bestand window media player
    zodus kunnen we deze styles niet afspelen op genos

    1. Hello Paul,
      the styles in the archive are in sty format, I don’t know why you are stating that if your pc sees them as media player files they cannot be loaded in the Genos.
      Please try to load them in your Genos and let me know if your keyboard refuse to load them or give you some error message.

      Best regards and happy music! 😀

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