VST : ARP 2600 Vintage Synthesizer Emulation


VST : ARP 2600 Vintage Synthesizer Emulation

ArpPE2600 VA Soft Synth

The ArpPE2600VA is an amazing VST with a multitude of frequency modulation (FM) options which enable it to create some outstanding sound effects that tries to emulate the glorious ARP 2600.

PWM, Sample & Hold, virtual Spring Reverb, Ring Modulation, and a dedicated Noise Generator are included in this awesome software.

There is also Oscillator Sync and Filter Color to adjust between LowPass and HiPass filter types but most important of all, from the 2.0 version, ArpPE2600VA is completely patchable via cleverly designed Mod Matrix.

You can have up to 12 patch routings with a very user-friendly drop-down menu interface instead of messy virtual patch cables cluttering up the screen. All controls are mapped to MIDI Control Change commands and you can override the default settings by using the MIDI Learn feature.

You can use this VSTi as a simple stand-alone synth (executable included), or as a plugin copying the DLL into your favorite DAW or sequencer’s plugin folder.

The ArpPE2600VA is designed by Richard Brooks and the Voltkitchen Group (Glen Stagner, Gunnar Ekomas and Gabriel Abney).


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