FREE VST from Syntler : Drumper, Oldigy-t and BB Tube

Are you looking for some FREE VST for your DAW or VST host?

Today I’d like to present you some interesting FREE VST developed and released by Syntler.

Let’s start!




The Oldigy-t (track) is a low bit analog to digital converter that emulates the sound of old samplers and computers.


  • 32-bit VST-2 plug-in for Windows O.S. Mono.
  • Linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) and Nonuniform PCM.
  • Switchable adaptive noise filter.
  • Emulation 4 – 12 bit sound.
  • Bypass.

Drumper 1.92

Drumper drum machine free, free vst

Drumper is a drum machine VST, I’ve already reviewed this great virtual instrument here on MakeMusic!, have a look here for a detailed description!

This little beast has been featured also on the TOP 50 FREE-VST 2015 by BPB!

A commercial (and more recent version) can be found here.


  • 32-bit VST-2 instrument for Windows O.S.
  • 12 drumsets including bass drum, snare drum, close and open hi hat, 2 percussion samples.
  • 12 editable 16-step patterns.
  • 12 editable pattern combinations including 4 rytmic variations for each combination.
  • 3 LFO with syncronization and “sample and hold” shape.
  • 2 filters with resonance and frequency control.
  • Cross fade function.
  • 32 editable presets.
  • FX processor with repeat effect, delay and fazer.
  • Deep saturation effect.
  • MIDI “learn” function for all faders and knobs.
  • And more…

Bonch-Bruevich Tube

free vst

Bonch – Bruevich tube is a tube exciter.
Use it to add higher harmonics to the incoming signal.
It makes the sound more detailed. Good for guitars, vocals and synths.

Put the file bbtube1-6.dll in the folder with your VST instruments.

Listen to the mp3 demo here.



Download Oldigy-t Download Drumper 1.92 Download Bonch-Bruevich Tube





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