New Mega-Pack with 1241 styles for the Yamaha Tyros 3

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Hello all!
Here is a new mega pack with all the Tyros 3 styles published on MakeMusic! till now.
The package has 1241 styles but to download them you have to make a small donation of at least 10$, this is for the work and the time I’m putting into the mantainance of this huge database but not for the styles! If you want to download the styles for free you can get them all from the single posts 🙂

To go to the download page follow this link
Happy music!

6 Replies to “New Mega-Pack with 1241 styles for the Yamaha Tyros 3

    1. Hi Derek,
      I cannot guarantee, with high probability some voices will not match and you could have bad sounding styles.
      Btw I’m planning more packs for Tyros & Tyros 2 🙂


  1. Many thanks for your response, it’s a shame but I will await your new pack.

    Derek Phillips

  2. where do I find my password I gave $10 but didn’t get a code and can’t get the donload. What’s up?

    1. Hello,
      I sent you the mail with the password on July, 30 – 10:49, I’m going to resend it now, meybe it’s in your spam folder.
      Let me know if there are still problems.

      Best Regards,

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