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This site’s goal is to gather as much informations and free resources as possible for people who make music just for fun or for profession, have fun and feel free to suggest free resources!


MakeMusic! publishes only resources that are publicly available on Internet and exclusively for free.
MakeMusic! does not publish, and will never publish copyrighted resources without the explicit consent of the rightful owner.
If any legitimate owner recognizes as an erroneous resource published as free, please contact MakeMusic! immediately at info@a-mc.biz, we will remove the required content immediately.
If a ligitimate owner of a published resource want to add credits for what he recognizes as own work please write us at info@a-mc.biz, we will add missing credits.




15 Replies to “ABOUT & Disclaimer

    1. Hi yves,
      in the side column, scroll to the bottom: there is a widget called “SUBSCRIBE TO MAKEMUSIC!”, enter your email address and hit the “Subscribe” button and you are done 🙂

    1. Hi Steve,
      MakeMusic! does not sell anything, it can help with tips, free software, free addons, free styles, etc… 🙂

  1. I was about to make a donation but your box where we put the amount is confusing. It isnt clear how much is being sent. Why dont you convert it to the usual US Dollar style. It is not clear if I am sending 1 dollar or one centt.

    1. Hi Peter!
      I’ve checked the button and it points to the standard PayPal donate form, PayPal has changed the box with a new one which need to type the 2 decimal numbers even if they are 0.
      So to send 1 dollar you have to type 1 0 0 and it should be displayed as 1.00 .
      PayPal should be able to detect your country and select the appropriate form for you, for example I’ve simulated to come from the USA and I’ve got this : (Image on TinyPic)

      If you need further help feel free to ask!

  2. I want to become a member and to contribute but I do not understand the File Converter step that you force me to download. I am looking for Style Files for my Yamaha PSR S970 Keyboard.

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      I don’t want to force you to download any converter, all styles are in the zip packages, if you need PSR 970 styles go here : http://www.a-mc.biz/makemusic/?s=psr+970
      The converter you mention is for people who wish to convert recent styles for older keyboards, that’s all!

      Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Hi Thimo,
      90% of all the files you can download from MakeMusic! are not mine, they are freely available in Internet and I’ve collected, organized and adjusted them over the years so that all people could have fun with them.
      So the answer is yes, they are copyright free, all public domain and free.

      Have fun!

  3. I would like to contribute by PayPal. However the messages shown after clicking on the DONATE button are in Italian (my guess). Without fully understand what I must agree to and accept, I could not make blind commitment.

    If possible please provide English (or choice of languages) on the PayPal sign-in screen.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi HGN,
      thank you for your try to donate, I’ve had a look at it, there is a tiny button on the bottom right that allow you to switch language 🙂


  4. I would appreciate if you can please email to me Indian style files
    For Korg pa 50 . I am looking for Tabla and Dholak styles and
    Punjabi Bhangada styles please.

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information and


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