Clavinova CVP 509 : FREE Ballad Styles (part 1)

Clavinova CVP 509

Hi gals and guys! Today I start to share styles for the mighty Yamaha Clavinova CVP 509.

CVP 509
Here is the pack contents:
  • 6/8 Modern
  • 6/8 Orchestral
  • 6/8 Slow Rock
  • 8 Beat Adria
  • 8 Beat Ballad 1
  • 8 Beat Ballad 2
  • 12/8 Ballad
  • 16 Beat Ballad 1
  • 16 Beat Ballad 2
  • 16 Beat Pop
  • 70’s Chart Ballad
  • 70’s Glam Piano
  • 70’s Pop Ballad
  • 80’s Boy Band
  • 80’s EP Ballad
  • 80’s Movie Ballad
  • 80’s Piano Ballad
  • 80’s Smooth Ballad
  • 80’s Synth Piano
  • 90’s Cool Ballad

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You can download the package for FREE.

Have Fun!

NOTE: I’m not sure because I don’t have this keyboard, but seems that these are the internal factory styles, Maybe they could be useful for you as well.


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