July update : EmuLa is coming!

EmuLa is coming! Fasten your seat belts!

EmuLa, my personal vision of the universal emulator front end, is going to be released!
For those who still were not aware of what is EmuLa, please have a look at the official page where I describe the project in detail.

I’m running some final tests and I hope to release a public version by the end of the week.
EmuLa - Console Mode
EmuLa – Console Mode

EmuLa will be available in two flavours, FREE and Premium and here is a list showing the missing features of the free version:

  • Tools / Backup
    This function allow you to make backups of your entire roms setup including preferences, emulators, databases and game art.
  • Tools / Refetch data
    Whit this tool you can refetch informations and game art for your roms.
  • Downloads
    Allow you to access public domain software and demos using an easy-to-use interface: with a single push of a button you will be able to download additional contents.
    EmuLa - Console Mode
    EmuLa – Console Mode
  • Remove Roms
    With this function you can remove roms from your collections, usuful if you have duplicates or if you want to get rid of roms you don’t like.
  • Console Mode
    Allow you to switch from the gui mode to the console mode and back. Console mode is a full screen mode which is even simpler to navigate, great with big screens and allow browsing with your joypad (keyboard and mause are still available).
  • Favorites
    Allow you to add games to your favorites list.
  • Most Played
    Allow you to access the most played games (by you)
  • Coming fetures like worldwide hiscores, cheat sharing and game saves sharing will be also added as Premium features.


EmuLa status
Genesis / Mega Drive300922YESYESYESYESYESYESYESnot yet

Please note that with “Additional Contents” I mean stuff that can be downloaded and installed directly from within the application, this includes demos, public domain software and homebrew software. Recognized ROMS includes ROMS variations like hacked and trained versions.


As a reward for all people following this project, I’m running, quite silently, a special offer for a limited time : you can get the EmuLa lifetime license at half price that 15,00€ instead of 30,00€.
EmuLa - Tools & Reporting
EmuLa – Tools & Reporting

If you decide to purchase the EmuLa lifetime license you will get by mail the latest build (Windows and AROS  version) along with your lifetime key.

Visit the official page to purchase EmuLa Premium license key!

Remember : to enjoy retrogaming with EmuLa you only have to scan your media for roms and hit the [RUN] button! Forget hours spent configuring your emulators! EmuLa will do it for you!

You will never lose one more second of your life configuring emulators or try to figure out why your game does not run.


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