Hello all! Here is another HGui status report.

Lately I’m working to port an old application written using ScuiLib called HFinder, a tool to find quickly files on the user media.

Well, working on this project many needed/missing features are coming out as well as some small bugs as expected, here is what I’ve implemented/fixed:

  • Listview‘s scrollbars can be switched off using the tags VScrollerOFF, HScrollerOFF.
  • Listview‘s Multiselect tag can be switched on or off at runtime using the :set() method.
  • Added the Listview method :SelectAll() to select all listview’s items, if Multiselect is active.
  • Added the Listview method :UnselectAll() to unselect all listview’s items.
  • Added the Items tag to set Listview‘s contents at runtime with the :set() method.
  • Now text rendering is safe against square brackets, including listview and treeview content.
    Before this fix a text containing one or more square brakets out of the scope of the supported Hollywood’s tags was generating an error.
  • Added the :set() method to the TextProcessing class to change at runtime the content of Text gadgets.
  • Added EnterCloseInput tag to the TextProcessing class so that hitting enter key in Text gadgets can close the input while Shift + Enter enters a new line, if allowed.
    If EnterCloseInput = False the enter key will acts exactly as Shift + Enter.
  • Added OnInputEnd event in the TextProcessing class so that Text gadgets can listen to this event and raise their own events.

That’s all for today, see you soon!



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