Time for a new update of my universal EMUlator LAuncher called Emula, lately I’m working on it a bit more because I’d like to release soon a closed beta for Windows and AROS users, if you are interested follow me on twitter 🙂

What’s new?

I’ve added some feedback functions, using them the user will be able to:

  • Submit a bug report
  • Submit a request/suggestion
  • Submit a wrong-rom report
  • Submit a missing rom

These functions are accessible from a little button marked with a red exclamation point, you can see it in the following screenshot:

Emula Feedback Functions
Emula Feedback Functions


Update System

I’ve also completed the databases update system: now, when an update is detected, the databases are downloaded and all new/updated informations will be applied to the recognized roms. I don’t want to be too technical here because it could be really boring, but you have to know that EmuLA will apply updates automatically, also on your currently detected titles, including game art.


EmuLa Tools

These tools can be accessed by the “Tools” button (see the above picture) and will offer to the user the following functions:

  • Audit : This function will scan for recognized rom and will prompt the user if a missing rom was detected giving the ability to remove it from the recognized roms database. Usefull if the user has moved his rom collection.
  • Reset : This function will reset EmuLa removing all game art and cleaning all local-rom databases.
  • Backup : This one is used to create backups of the current databases, game art and user data. It is also possible to restore a backup and to remove old backups from disk.
    This is a premium function that will be available to subscribers.


EmuLa Tools
EmuLa Tools


Supported ROMS

Actually I’m working on the NES romset, around 10000 roms.
I hope to complete this rom set in the next week 🙂

Stay tuned for the next update, some great new functions are planned, if you like this project please share!!

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