EmuLa status report

EmuLa v1.6 build 33 has been released, and here are what’s new:

  • Now license key can be typed by the user without the need of a serial key file (but still supported).
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing EmuLa updates to run on Linux machines.
  • Fixed all problems regarding wrong permissions on Linux archives.
  • Linux ARM builds are now stable as the Windows and AROS builds.
  • Fixed the impossibility to update EmuLa due to the hosting provider change.
  • Added more SuperNES roms support, still 800 to go.

As you can see from the change log another big change was my hosting provider change along with some small problems.

One big trouble I faced was that I was’n able to replicate my old EmuLa credentials access on the new provider: that’s why people running version 1.5 or earlier versions wasn’t able to access the update server anymore.

To resolve the problem you have to download and use the new version, there is no other way to fix this, sorry!

More features are planned and a new version will be released very soon. Right now I’m focused on listening users feedback, adding more systems and making the software to recognize more roms. The next available update will complete the SuperNES rom.

I will also add some downloadable contents for Premium users so stay tuned and consider to buy a subscription to keep this project alive!

Your feedback is very important, please leave a comment if you like, I will be happy to hear from you what’s your opinion about this project 🙂

If you are interested in EmuLa remember that the special offer of 15.00€ for the lifetime license will end on 30 September, after this date EmuLa will costs 30.00€.


For a detailed description of what EmuLa is have a look at the official page 🙂

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