It’s time to share my development progresses on this infinite project, I’ve worked mainly on ListView but there are some other goodies too 🙂

ListViewHGui ListView

I’ve spent some time on this class to add a mandatory feature that was missing : resizeable columns! This feature can be switched off if the programmer need to avoid columns resizes.
I’ve also implemented an auto-resizing feature when the horizontal scroll bar is disabled, this will make the columns always visible and they will always adjust their sizes to the available space. This means that if you resize the parent window the column’s sizes will be adjusted to best fit, but also you don’t miss the possibility to resize the columns (if enabled).Another fix on ListView class is that now, when a ListView is switched from multiselect mode to single select mode all selected entries will be deselected but the last one. Before this fix all selected items was cleared and no items was selected after the ListView mode change, This action (changing ListView mode) now genereta an OnChange event.



Added the :Move() method to the window class



Fixed a small glitch caused by the :enable() method of the switch gadget class that was not looking for the current gadget state.

Fixed a division by zero error occurring in some occasions with the progress bar gadget.

Added a new utility function to create input boxes called HGui.Window.InputBoxNew(params), it returns a window object ready to take the user input.

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